It’s all in the comments

As I’ve said before, if you’re not reading the great comments posted to this blog, you’re missing out. In response to the previous two posts, I’ve had some insightful and helpful readers offer advice. (If you’re new to the site, don’t be discouraged! I’m not usually this technical. Read two posts back and follow the [...]

Nevermind the last post

OK, that last post was ill-informed. After some reading, I know I can do better than a 6.75% return. I’m going to look into investing in a mutual fund on e-trade. I just wish I knew which one to pick! To the library, I guess.

Investment Strategies

Brian and I were just discussing my lack of current investment strategy and I thought I’d share the dialogue with you all to get you opinions. Now that I have a bit of savings (not much, though), I’d like to put it into some kind of investment. I’ve been writing about this “next step” for [...]

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