401K Savings Up – Nice Work!

Congratulations guys and gals! According to the USA Today, “At the end of the first quarter, the average 401(k) balance hit $74,900, a 12% jump from a year ago. That marks the highest level since Fidelity started tracking account balances at the end of 1998.”  (Get the entire article here.) Natch, there’s still room for [...]

My Retirement Account Becomes A Financial Drama

I find out my January retirement savings contribution is $0.00… um, what?

Gazing into the Retirement Crystal Ball

When I think about what kind of meeting lets you see into the future, I picture a fortune teller with a crystal ball.  It’s a scene straight out of the Wizard of Oz; the winds are whipping outside, and inside a small room with luxurious fabrics on the walls, a mysterious turbaned man gazes into [...]

Response about my W-2, and a note for Mely5862…

I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to everyone for participating in such a great discussion in reaction to Why My W-2 Makes Me Cry. Despite how often I think, read and talk about finance with friends, family and readers, I was definitely hurting as I considered my 38.8 percent drop in [...]

Why my W-2 Makes me Cry

It’s tax time, and those pesky W-2 and 1090 (or is it 1099?) forms are slowly finding their way into my mailbox. Yesterday, frustration and anger set in immediately after opening my W-2. I’m not being overly dramatic; I wanted to throw something. Hard. And scream. And cry. I have been doing my best to [...]

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