Life and Death and Financial Planning

As I sit down to write this, gloomy freezing raindrops and gray skies mirror the intensely serious and stormy mood that’s taken hold of my loved ones this February. Conversations are enveloped in worry, weary out-of-town relatives split time between hospitals and homes, and the notions of love, loss, and responsibility weigh heavy on all [...]

Q&A with Kimberly Palmer, author and US News personal finance columnist

One of my favorite financial bloggers is Kim Palmer. Kim writes the “Alpha Consumer” blog over at US News and World Report and is also the personal finance columnist for the magazine. Kim and I became friends via e-mail years ago since we write about a lot of the same topics – finance for beginners, [...]

"Get your financial house in order"

Most personal finance books start at some variation of “Chapter 1: Get your financial house in order.” Great concept. But how do we go from, “I don’t know what’s happening with my finances,” to “I feel good about my finances”? And what does “getting your financial house in order,” exactly mean? If you’re like me, [...]

Reflections on money

Over the past 18 months since I started this blog, and incidentally, since I seriously committed to my finances, I’ve learned a few things about spending and saving. Don’t get me wrong – I’m the first to admit that I’m no expert in money management. And I know my financial journey in still on the [...]

Lost wallet?

The “oh sh*t moment.” It happens to the best of us, usually following swiftly on the heels of “the worst week ever.” My friend Brenna experienced her “oh sh*t moment” last week, while attending a Mary Kay convention at the Marriott Chicago. According to her,”apparently some weird guy wandered up there,” stealing her wallet while [...]

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