Itchy Hands

2012 has brought with it a new problem: Itchy hands. Despite my pledge not to buy any more lotions, soaps, or bathroom products until everything I already own is empty, I went ahead and spent $20 on this:

Is SPF 100 Worth the Cost?

Summer is officially upon us, and not a moment too soon! We Midwesterners have been craving a little sunshine, and now that it’s here, nothing — except maybe a little tornado every now and again — can keep us away from the outdoors.  Our party dresses are unpacked from winter storage, our sunglasses are in [...]

Winter Must Haves, From Skin to Socks, for Cold Weather Wimps

Hair flying up everywhere and sticking to your face, skin so dry it embarrassingly flakes around the rough parts, chapped lips, frozen toes and a general need for constant caffeination … yup, it’s the middle of winter.  Being a cold weather native, you’d think I’d be immune to freezing temps, one of those chaps who [...]

Saving the Universe, One Tube of Clinique at a Time

Fear not. My weapons of mass destruction were effectively destroyed at approximately 7:50 a.m. CDT at O’Hare International Airport, 1000 West O’Hare, Chicago IL 60666. Items seized follow: 1 tube of Crest toothpaste 1 stick of Dove deodorant 1 bottle of Garnier shampoo 1 bottle of Garnier conditioner 1 large-size tube of Neutrogena clarifying facial [...]

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