Burned by the price of wine. What would you have done?

Running, fishing, and loads of good food. Can a Fathers’ Day weekend get any better? Not in my book. We did have one problem though, and I wondered what you would have done about it. Some of us kids took my dad to a Brazilian steakhouse  in Downer’s Grove for dinner on Saturday to enjoy [...]

The Hungries are Messing with My Budget!

Remember how I told you more run = more hungry? Well, I ran 18 miles last week, plus weights and a few other workouts, and was pretty active on Saturday. So I brought some extra stuff to the office this week so I wouldn’t have to go downstairs and get snacks if I got hungry. [...]

How to use coconut oil?

You guys, I bought coconut oil thinking it was going to be my next great cooking ingredient. But when I got home, I noticed that the jar says “for use with medium heat, up to 280 degrees.” I cook pretty much everything at higher temperatures than that. Now I’m stuck with a jar of coconut [...]

Gluten Free, Day 1

This is another real quick post… After learning many of my first cousins and a few uncles are confirmed Celiacs, I was tested earlier this fall for the disease for free at a local health fair. The blood test came up negative for me, but I still have a feeling I may be gluten sensitive. [...]

A Healthy and Cheap Day of Eating

Most people think you need to spend a lot of money to eat healthy. Today I’m going to show you that’s not the case. I will be updating as I munch throughout the day. (As an added bonus, I have not been eating healthy at all on vacation, so putting this out there will really [...]

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