What I did during my blogging downtime

LIVED LIFE! Completed two triathlons. One sprint (pic below) and one International/Olympic distance, both local so no major travel expenses. … While I did not get any faster on the bike this year, with the aide of my wetsuit, and lots more practice in Lake Michigan, I managed to knock a full seven minutes off [...]

Am I Cheap or What?: Headband Edition

This happened yesterday in my apartment while I was getting ready to run. Me: This is my best headband. Not too loose, not to tight, stays in place, holds my hair back. ManFriend: Sounds like what a headband should do. Me: You’d think, but you have no idea how hard it is to fulfill those [...]

Good Riddance, August!

I’ll be tremendously happy for August to be over. It has been one expensive month. My TV and DVR broke due to the weather (see post below), I lost the special Tiffany ring that man-friend gave me (the good-luck one that he took to his bar exam), and to top it all off, some jerk [...]

Hi from Charleston!

Hey  gang! We’re in the Charleston area right now staying at our Priceline hotel – The Wild Dunes (on Palm Island) – and it’s just gorgeous here.  We spent the whole day yesterday exploring downtown Charleston and eating awesome seafood. Today we woke up, took a stoll on the beach and are getting ready to have [...]

A Little Help From Some Financial Friends

Hey gang, just a quick update to let you know that I am super sick this week and lacking energy to do anything more than sleep today. Hoping to post something new this weekend. In the meantime, here are some good finance articles to read, courtesy of this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. MR from [...]

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