401K Savings Up – Nice Work!

Congratulations guys and gals! According to the USA Today, “At the end of the first quarter, the average 401(k) balance hit $74,900, a 12% jump from a year ago. That marks the highest level since Fidelity started tracking account balances at the end of 1998.”  (Get the entire article here.) Natch, there’s still room for [...]

Budgeting Babe on CNN.com!

CNN.com Thrift fashions on the money during recession By Lisa France … Nicole Mladic is the “babe” behind the “Budgeting Babe” blog for “young, working women who want to spend like Carrie in a Jimmy Choo store but have a budget closer to Roseanne.” Mladic said she encourages her readers to not only shop thrift, [...]

Budgeting Babe on Twitter (and Many Other PF Bloggers, too!)

For Twitter fans: You can now follow me there (http://twitter.com/budgetingbabe). I’ll try to pepper in deals, tips and links along with the more usual updates on where I am and what I’m doing. I’ll also occasionally look for stories ideas and sources there. A ton of PF bloggers are already on Twitter – Bible Money [...]

Good Find: Jean Chatzky’s Blog

I like Jean Chatzky, and not just because last year her publisher sent me a free copy of her book, Make Money, Not Excuses to review (though that was pretty sweet). I like her because she’s smart and practical, and I can understand her. But I don’t have time in the morning to watch her [...]

Budgeting Babe Podcast on US News!!

Check out this interview I did with Kimberly Palmer at US News & Report. I think it’s worth a listen over your lunch break. Podcast: Being Young and Thifty US News & World Report Interviewer: Kimberly Palmer What do you guys think?

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