I am weak

I am weak, budgeting friends. I felt completely BLAH yesterday…fat, pimpley, ugly, stressed and old… so I went shopping last night. And shop I did. (And today, I feel much better – young and springy and vivacious…what IS that?) At Marshalls and Target (aka Urban Outfitters on the cheap), I bought 2 pair of work [...]

Visit Ms. Money’s Blog

Here’s a great blog from a woman with much more financial sense than I can ever hope to attain. The Ms. Money Blog (http://www.msmoney.com/blog/) is one to add to your list of links… she’s insightful, goal-oriented and really inspires readers to take control of their finances. Actually, Ms. Money was the greatest site I came [...]

A Taxing Post

I just got my taxes back from H&R Block, where my aunt does them for free each year. The good news is that I’m getting more than $750 back. (I breathe a sigh of relief and begin dreaming of palm trees, new clothes, jewelry and shoes… only to be yanked back by the collective disappointment [...]

Cranky Pants

Oh man, I have got to change my diet. Here’s a summary of what I ate yesterday: Breakfast: 1 chai latte, with skim milk 1 “cream cheese crumble cake”… I was hoping for non-pastry but couldn’t find anywhere within 5-minute walking distance of my hotel that offered something different. So, cream cheese cake for breakfast [...]

Marching into DC

It’s 1:30 a.m. on a Saturday and I just arrived in D.C., where I’ll be staying on business until next Thursday. The hotel’s not bad because it offers free continental breakfast and Internet access (both which are HUGELY appreciated by any frequent business traveler), and I can see the Capitol Dome and the Washington Monument [...]

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