Last Minute Costume Ideas on a Budget

The other week in Boston, a friend and I were discussing whether or not she would dress up for Halloween. I was all for her dressing up, and offered easy and fun, yet fully covered suggestions ranging from the classic nerd outfit to marathoner to ninja. And then it hit me: I didn’t have a [...]

Personal finance gurus on my mind

Does it seem as if the entire world has gone budgeting crazy? Everywhere I turn, every personal finance guru is urging caution: follow a budget, increase your savings, live within your means, pay off your debts, eat out less. I have a few thoughts on this: 1) The message is getting across…with mixed results. I [...]

Tips for Sticking to Your Guns (or Swords) When It Comes to the Bill

A few weeks ago, my friends and I threw a fabulous pirate-themed 30th birthday party for my besty, Miss K, a tiny – yet fiesty – brunette with a quick wit and a penchant for tap dancing and shoe stealing. She’s the greatest, so we went all out and threw her a reasonably priced, all [...]

Random Thoughts from Boston – How Much is a Hat Worth?

Hello from Boston! I’m here on business, staying at a posh hotel near Boston Commons. Remember how I used to be all nervous about staying at fancy hotels because I felt I could essentially be a member of the wait staff? I’m not saying those days are behind me, but gosh, a girl could get [...]

Should I reduce my 401k contribution while the economy tanks?

Here’s a question. I’m currently putting 10% of my salary into my 401k. Given how craptacular the stock market is doing right now, and that my fund is actually going down instead of up and hasn’t made any money this year – has actually been steadily losing money – would it make sense to lower [...]

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