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Elsy The Budgeting Bade


This isn’t going to be a blog about me being deeply buried in debt and my journey to get out of it. The reasoning behind that? I’ve been lucky enough to never have been hit by debt. My family raised me and taught me the importance of money at a very young age, so I guess you could say I grew up brutally frugal.

I mean sure, I’ve had a few credit cards run a little on the high side but never more than a few months. You’re probably sick and tired of hearing about how I don’t have problems aren’t you? Well, I’ll stop, and explain to you why I am starting this blog. My name is Elsy and I am a financial addict. Whether it being personal finance or investing in bonds, I have been a self taught investor for years now. When the domain “The Budgeting Babe” came along I just couldn’t help myself!

I started this website because I want to help people like you avoid debt, and if you’re in it, try and help you get out. I may come across as cocky and arrogant in this about me section, but who do you wan’t teaching you how to save money and invest for your future. A OF blogger who is still in debt learning how to pay it off, or a person who has simply never been in debt.

Now, you may say it’s because I’ve “gotten lucky” and “haven’t had anything drastic happen financially” but that isn’t the case. I’ve simply planned for it. But this is obviously something we can get involved with at another time. I’d just like to explain my situation and why I decided to start this blog! I will help you eliminate your debt by sharing stories of me avoiding debt. Whether it be burying myself in too much rent or taking the cheaper house, fixing a 500 dollar part on my car or getting a new one, I will explain my life in a nutshell, and I hope you enjoy!

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